$ 13.50

Our signature espresso is always spicy, always sweet, and always syrupy.

Current components:

50% Guatemala - Huehuetenango - Las Rosas

50% Ethiopia - Guji Konjo


The story: In French, entrepreneur means “Undertaker”. The individual who gets in the trenches, undertakes all responsibility, and works from the bottom up. This idea is the embodiment of this delicious blend.

Best for: Drip, Espresso


Photo 1 (Las Rosas)

View from the patio at Las Rosas. As we sat down for lunch, we experienced an earthquake that shook the bamboo structure. We are thankful nobody was hurt!

Photo 2 (Las Rosas)

Rolando Villatoro tending to some of his heirloom varietals. He has some amazing goodies on this farm. he is a passionate and hilarious producer, the type of person you want to spend lots of time with.

Photo 3 (Las Rosas)

Las Rosas has an awesome mill to pulp the coffee. It is first floated in water to get rid of the less dense beans. then it is pulped with fresh water and delivered to the fermentation tanks.

Photo 4 (Las Rosas)

Coffee towards the end of fermentation. The unique microclimate of this farm allows for very, very long fermentation. While some farms go for 12-16 hours, this coffee can go from 48-72 hours!

Photo 5 (Las Rosas)

Coffee looks so awesome as it's fermenting. But this analysis is also functional - depending how it reacts to the poker, we can find out whether it is done fermenting or not. This stuff is so ready to move to the next step, which is washing the mucilage off of the coffee.

Photo 6 (Las Rosas)

After washing the coffee, we have clean seeds in parchment, ready to dry. Notice the slightly yellow hue, probably due to a longer ferment. We found this gives the coffee similar attributes to a great Belgian beer - lots of banana, clove, and spice.

Photo 7 (Las Rosas)

Raised drying beds to dry the fully washed coffee. This allows for maximum air exposure and will elevate the shelf life of the coffee. Long live great coffee!