Colombia - Finca Esperienza - Mixed Ferment Geisha

$ 16.00

The Story

Geisha is a coveted varietal that generally fetches a top price point for its absurdly delicate and complex flavor profile. Omar Cardenas did a wonderful job processing his well maintained plants for this lot, utilizing a mixed fermentation technique. After picking, he first ferments the crop in cherry for 12 hours. Then he depulps, ferments in tanks, and washes as normal. 
The in-cherry ferment gives the coffee a peanut butter mouthfeel to an otherwise light-weight varietal. The washing brings out a spectacularly clean peaches and cream flavor profile that is exceptional and unique.
While this coffee comes from Huila, we purchased this coffee at a silent auction during the Cauca Best Cup Auction. After cupping, we had 48 hours to put in our secret bidding price on the coffee. In contrast to how loud and gigantic the main auction was, the silent auction felt like a cool covert operation.




Mixed - 12 hour ferment in cherry, then fully washed

Growing Area

La Esperanza, Huila, Colombia


Omar Cardenas