Colombia - Laderas Del Tapias - Natural Caturra

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The Story

In August, we visited the Laderas del Tapias farm. It is in the Caldas region of Colombia, more in the center of the country.

It is a large farm, about 50x the size of the average Colombian farm! The producer is a leader in the community, acting as a promoter of specialty coffee. Imagine if all of the large "commodity" farms in the area started to focus on specialty!

This is a natural process coffee: partially sun dried, partially dried in drying machines shown below.
In terms of yummies, you will notice a lot more strawberry fruitiness, lots of depth, and more acidity than the past few months.

Photo 1

The epic view from Colombia - Laderas Del Tapias in the Caldas department. 

Photo 2

We sorted out some coffee cherries before processing. Both over and under ripe cherries will taste super bad in the cup. In the background in a beautiful red.

Photo 3

Rodrigo owns this farm. He is an amazing human. Not just a kind person and professional dentist, but a true leader in the specialty coffee growing community of Caldas. He runs an organization to help new farmers learn the methods of specialty coffee and the rewards it can garner. In addition, he writes a weekly column in the paper of the most current trends in the specialty coffee market.

Photo 4

This baby coffee plant has quite a unique shape to it. That's because it is an experimental new varietal designed to yield wild new flavors, in addition to being resistant to La Roya, the coffee leaf rust disease that can destroy a whole crop in weeks. This farm has generously lent some of its land in order to test this and several other mystery varietals.

Photo 5

We cupped this coffee right on the farm. I tried to remain objective and not give it all the extra points for beautiful scenery, the fresh air, and the awesome architecture of the farm house.