Colombia - La Palma & El Tucán - El Mojo Mixed Fermentation Process

$ 16.00

The Story

Between the breathtaking scenery, the perfectly crafted cabins for visitors, and the sleek marketing materials, one may feel as if La Palma & El Tucán is located in heaven. In Colombia, a country where uniformity and cleanliness is key, La Palma brings romanticism and soul to the table with their hypermodern processing techniques and acute varietal selection. This lot comes from their "Neighbors and Crops" program, where they pay a premium to nearby farmers for ripe cherry delivery.


After hand sorting for supreme ripeness, the cherries are fermented in an aerobic chamber for 38 hours, which is super long in coffee-time. The cherries are pulped and fermented out of cherry for an additional 34 hours. The double process brings out extreme sweetness and complexity, along with heightened acidity and creamy body.



Fernando Cardenas has been growing coffee for quite a long time, mostly selling coffee dried in parchment (the standard finished product for growers in Colombia) for commodity-grade prices. He has a wonderful family who helps when they are not in school, since quality labor is hard to find in this area of Colombia. 


La Palma & El Tucán flips the script by supplying Fernando with their team of skilled laborers to help pick only ripe cherries and maintain the farm with best practices. They purchase the cherries before any processing is done, and pay a steep premium for excellent fruit. They then process the cherries at their amazing mill, where they are able to experiment with wild processes such as this one.